ZScaler proxy test environment

(Alex) #1

We have a production ZScaler proxy environment, which we is not allowed to be used for testing of the new policies. Could ZScaler provide a test environment (completely separated from prod) where we can test our new policies and new features prior to enabling in prod?

(Ramesh M) #2

Zscaler will provide beta account for all customers.

(Alex) #3

Does this mean this beta accounts available for all customers? If so how do I request these accounts?

(Scott Bullock) #4

Hi Alex,
Please contact your account team to initiate the process.

Many thanks,

(Alex) #5

Just to be clear. These account will provide me with a completely separated environment to test new policies, correct?

(Scott Bullock) #6

Correct, it will be in a totally different cloud infrastructure and require
it’s own independent setup.